Adam kennedy
3 Times Mr Australia
3 Times Mr Queensland
I achieved my Mr Australia and Mr Queensland titles while studying medicine at Bond University on the Gold Coast so it is vital for me to make the most efficient use of my time. The Aussie Six Pack helps me to do that.
I have been using the machine in the off-season while I am training to compete in a higher weight category and I am really loving the inclusion of this workout into my routine.
    1. It is super convenient. I simply step up and do a 60 second set on the machine and it warms me up and raises my heart rate so that I am ready for my weight session without having to spend precious time warming up on the cardio machines. Also, as a warm down and to loosen those upper body muscles before I stretch them out.
    2. I really feel it working those deep inner muscles which are hard to get to. I notice it pulls my abdominal area in tight. This is an amazing benefit as so many of the abdominal exercises I do to increase the muscles size also push the abdominal area out. This can give a bit of a bloated look. With the Aussie Six Pack I can get that flatter ripped look which is quite hard to achieve.
    3. The Aussie Six Pack really strengthens my whole core system. This is great. With a stronger core system I am able to lift the heavier weights which I need to do to achieve the size I need to compete. Having a stronger core means that I am lowering the risk of injury from lifting such heavy weights.
    4. Another advantage of having a strong set of core muscles is that I am able to perform the heavy weight exercises with better form, therefore I am getting more benefit out of each workout.
Essentially, I can see the Aussie Six Pack become as much a staple of my workouts as the Bench Press is.


A great benefit to using the Aussie Six Pack is that it increases core strength which has such a significant impact on improving posture and spinal health.


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